Sean Bovim knows a good thing when he sees one—and in this case he knows that he has a winning formula:

Take one vibrant young dance company, sprinkle liberally with distinctive choreography and season with the music of Queen. Pour over this mix the voices of Cito, Daniel Fisher and Magdalene Minnaar, turn up the heat and voila—you have a crowd pleasing product that has been feeding appreciative audiences since 2004.



The Mandela Johannesburg Theatre

The Imperial Russian Ballet has once again returned to South African shores for a whirlwind tour of the country’s major centres. Last stop was The Mandela Johannesburg Theatre, where the small cast presented a programme which included a repeat of the Maya Murdmaa choreography of Carmina Burana and a variety of showpieces from the classical repertoire (Don Quixote, Spartacus and Walpurgis Night)


The Mandela @ Johannesburg Theatre, 21 July 2012

What a delightful performance this was, an afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by my party and obviously many others in the audience, judging by the enthusiastic applause and smiles as we left the theatre.

It was such a breath of fresh air to see this first performance run of Le Corsaire, a welcome change from the usual ballet offerings we have seen over past years. The combined forces of the SABT and Mzansi, strengthened by the technique and flair of the Cuban ballet dancers, provided a magical performance reminiscent of the grand pre-recession stagings of yesteryear.