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Since 2008, Eden Academy has presented a distance learning course in Worship Movement. As far as we know, this is a unique course and the only of its kind in the world. We have compiled this course to enable individuals and their groups, who are too far to attend our courses personally, to learn the same curriculum as our other students.

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As with any other practical course, you are required to have certain aids and equipment:

Practical assignments must be presented in dvd or video format which can be played on an ordinary dvd or video player.

• A pair of flags (this can be obtained from Eden Academy of Worship or you can make your own flags)
• A tambourine (please consult with Izak before buying a tambourine)
• A DVD player
• A video/DVD camera to record your practical assignments
• Accessible email facility
• Computer
• A white outfit: For ladies, a double circle skirt and top (or you can acquire the prescribed Eden costume – please contact Liz). For men, white pants and shirt or T-shirt (or you can acquire the prescribed Eden costume)
• It will be to your advantage to have skype as you will then be able to communicate visually with Izak concerning certain technical queries.