Reality of Dance

The other day on the DanceKids Website, I read the most touching and true quote – "Dance is not based on technique, but PASSION."

terahhiphopThe reason this touched me so profoundly is because I have an eight year old son who was born deaf. When you are blessed or fortunate enough to have a child, or know of someone who is hearing impaired, you realize how much you take sound for granted.

Terah had his first cochlear implant done at sixteen months, but was only “switched on” at seventeen months, and tears still run down my face today when I saw his face when he heard a phone ring – it was amazing.


Our Rainbow Nation
“Met permissie”, Archbishop Tutu and Madiba

rainbow1-DDThanks for giving us the hope and good fortune of calling us the Rainbow Nation! With your permission, I offer my thoughts on this concept.