ShannonGloverPortrait1. Name, Surname, Age.
Shannon Glover, 25

2. Where are you originally from and what is your Current location / Dance company?
I was born in Durban but now live in Johannesburg and am a full – time member of The South African Ballet Theatre

3. When and where did you start dancing?
I started dancing at age 4 and have since then trained with several teachers including Val Roulsten, Helen Dean, Yolandé Coetzee and Chantal Pollachi

4. How did it happen that you started dance classes?
I saw my friends doing dance classes  and wanted to join them. I originally did modern dance and then included ballet into my training.

5. What good memories do you have as a child regarding your dance classes?
I always enjoyed participating in the various dance festivals and competitions. I was the winter of the RAD Central Gauteng Panel Advanced Foundation Bursary and also received my RAD Solo Seal and was the winner of the South African RAD Adeline Geneè Silver Trophy. I represented South Africa at the International Ballet Competition in Birmingham, U.K. All these hold good memories for me.


 6. In how many dance forms did you receive formal training and what are they?
Ballet, jazz, tap, Spanish dance, contemporary and African dance.

7. What do you love most about being a member of a Dance Company?
I am happiest when working hard and so I am always pleased to be cast in a Principal role as they are the most challenging!

8. What have you learned from other dancers during your career so far?
A dancer learns each and every day by watching other senior dancers.

9. Dancers train really hard. What does your typical schedule look like.  How many hours do you normally practice per day / week?
It depends on our performance schedule but can range from between four to eight hours a day.

10. How do you prepare mentally before each performance?
I make sure I look after my body – then my mind is prepared: I try to eat well and get enough sleep before performances.

11. How do you feel just before you go on stage?
Nervous and excited all at the same time!

12. What is your message to youngsters who are serious about dancing?
If you want to be a professional dancer, you have to work for it!

13. What is your message to parents of dancing kids?
School is just as important as dancing – anything can happen to you and it’s important to have something to fall back on if you do not become a professional ballet dancer. So the parents I would like to say that you should encourage your child if he or she wants to dance.

14. In today's world, people expect instant results.  Even though some dancers have only had a few years' training and are very successful, is it possible to experience overnight success as a dancer?
I don’t think so – to be of a certain standard you have to put in the hours.

15. How do you feel about a dress code for a dance class?  For example:  If you were to go horse riding, you would need to wear specific clothing and protective wear, created especially for horse riding.  Is it beneficial for dancers and teachers if students dress neatly for class?
The dress code helps instill discipline – it has been this way for many may years and we accept it.

16. If you did not become a professional dancer, what other career would you have chosen?
I’ve never thought of being anything other than a professional dancer!

17. If you could stay anywhere in the world... but South Africa, where would that be and why?
Um, I’m not sure but if there was an ocean and warm weather I would be happy!


Image Credits:  John Hogg