International Dance Competitions

The competition is being organized by the Dance World Cup Association, a non profit association in Jersey, Channel Islands, in co-operation with similar dance associations world-wide.

This is an International Dance Competition that takes place every year in a different city in a different country.

The following styles of dance are permitted:

Classical Ballet and Demi Character
National and Folklore Dance
Modern, Contemporary and Jazz Dance
Hip Hop and Street Dance
Tap Dance
Song and Dance


The Prix de Lausanne is an International dance competition held annually.

The Prix de Lausanne was founded in 1973 by the Swiss industrialist Philippe Braunschweig and his wife Elvire. Philippe, although not a dancer, became interested in dance as a young man. His Russian dancer wife developed his interest further.

Photographer: Jean-Bernard Sieber

The Braunschweigs created the competition after noticing the lack of financial support to young dance students, particularly those from small regional schools, wishing to attend professional level programs.


The Genée International Ballet Competition, fondly known as ‘The Genée’ is the RAD’s flagship annual event and is named after Dame Adeline Genée DBE – co-founder of the Association of Operatic Dancing as the RAD was then known.


The competition originated quite humbly in 1931 as the ‘Adeline Genée Gold Medal’ and was introduced as an additional incentive for candidates who had passed the Solo Seal examination. Felicity Garratt was the first recipient of this award with a silver medal and then a bronze medal added in 1934 and 1956 respectively and both gold and silver medals introduced for male dancers in 1938. The award continued to progress and develop into a competition format and remarkably it has taken place almost every year since 1931, even during the Second World War. In 2002, however Luke Rittner, Chief Executive took the landmark decision to hold the competition outside London in order to embrace its international spirit; taking it to Australia where Sydney Opera House played host to a record number of candidates.


The International Ballet Festival will celebrate its 11th anniversary in 2012. Please note this is not a competition, it is a festival with a wide spectrum of events. The festival is held annually in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The founder of the festival and the head of the project is Ekaterina Galanova. The original motivation was to have a series of master-classes for the children from all over the world to give them the opportunity to work with the best Russian dance instructors (from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and the Mariinsky Theater). We had around 100 dancers in 2010, foreign dancers made around 75 per cent of the total number of participants. 5 daily master-classes that we arrange within the festival are given in three different studios by three different ballet teachers at the same time, because we divide participants according to their skills and abilities into three levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced students. The procedure of entering the festival is very simple, a participant just needs to fill in the questionnaire and pay the festival fee.
Master classes are held at the venue called Theater of Choreographic Miniatures – it is a state ballet studios in the center of the city.